6 Fun Facts About Me

  1. 6 is my favorite number
  2. Growing up, I loved The Jetsons. To this day, I wish flying cars amd moving sidewalks existed. I could do without the meal pills, though, because I enjoy food too much!
  3. My favorite Golden Girl is Sophia—she is hilarious.
  4. You know how some women have a compulsion to own as many pair of shoes as possible? Well, I’m like that with books. The printed paper kind – I love the the smell, the feel of the paper, and the look of a bunch of them sitting together on a shelf. No reading books on a screen for this girl.
  5. My favorite book when I was a little girl was “Where the Wild Things Are.” When I was a pre-teen, I loved “Little Women” and everything by Judy Blume. I still read a lot of YA fiction today.
  6. I can spend hours in the children’s book area in the book store devouring the illustrations.