About Me


Throughout my life, I’ve spent countless hours getting lost in other worlds through reading and drawing. My love of words and images lead me into graphic design.

After submerging myself in the design world for over 12 years, I realized I wasn’t completely creatively satisfied and realized why: I stopped drawing. I love being a designer, but my real passion has always been illustrating. I picked up drawing again and while seeking inspiration on the web, my since-buried dream of becoming a children’s illustrator resurfaced.chicken illustration by chilren's illustrator Lynn Alpert

Annie the Scientist, published in the fall of 2013 by Character Publishing, is my debut book as an illustrator.

Nothing makes me happier than illustrating for children, with a dose of design thrown in here and there to keep me on my toes. Some of my design work can be seen on Behance.



6 Fun Facts About Me

  1. 6 is my favorite number
  2. Growing up, I loved The Jetsons. To this day, I wish flying cars amd moving sidewalks existed. I could do without the meal pills, though, because I enjoy food too much!
  3. My favorite Golden Girl is Sophia—she is hilarious.
  4. You know how some women have a compulsion to own as many pair of shoes as possible? Well, I’m like that with books. The printed paper kind – I love the the smell, the feel of the paper, and the look of a bunch of them sitting together on a shelf. No reading books on a screen for this girl.
  5. My favorite book when I was a little girl was “Where the Wild Things Are.” When I was a pre-teen, I loved “Little Women” and everything by Judy Blume. I still read a lot of YA fiction today.
  6. I can spend hours in the children’s book area in the book store devouring the illustrations.